15 kW Photovoltaic Power Plant
Installed in Shahid Abbaspour Campus
Renewable Energies Engineering Labs. Complex
12 laboratories in different branches of renewable energies
Tracking photovoltaic pilot
2.3 kw unit with single axis tracker

More Clean and Green Future

Intersection between Science and technology

Commercial Goaled Development


Renewable energies and the need for sustainable development to ensure access to resources for next generations have a significant role in the future of the world energy decisions. This has led researchers and policy makers in the energy sector around the world and Iran to focus their efforts on various forms of renewable energies. Solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal and biomass energy resources are just parts of the wide range of renewable energies and it seems that the traditional energy resources will be replaced by them throughout the advancement of energy storage technologies in the near future.

Our group includes a team of renowned experts who work at various fields of renewable energy research areas in the form of specialized teams with faculty members and postgraduate students. Through the implementation of advanced countries’ knowledge and experience in the corresponding areas, this group aims to be the pole of renewable energies in our country. The presence of such a center in the country can help to attract more foreign resident experts which is achieved by attracting several postgraduate students so far.

Researchers and Research Partners